Nested scopes resolution -- you can breathe again!

Robin Becker robin at
Tue Feb 27 11:43:55 CET 2001

In article <ulmqt158l.fsf at>, David Bolen
<db3l at> writes
>Robin Becker <robin at> writes:
>> Whilst helping my colleague migrate from 1.5.2 to 2.0 we came up against
>> the dreaded python15.dll not found message. The irritating thing about
>> the message is that it didn't tell us which .pyd it was attempting to
>> load.
>Note that if you actually have a python15.dll on your system (so that
>the Windows system loader can resolve it), then the Python import
>mechanism will complain about the mismatch as an ImportError - at
>least if the dependency is directly from the module being imported -
>which may be of more help.
>-- David
yes, but it would be just as easy to get the failure to do that. The
message may come from windows, but the extension (in our case zlib)
still wasn't loaded and that should have been enough, but we had a
try/except around the particular import. Finding a matching pyd/dll
which then fails to load is surely not 'just an import error' even if it
eventually gets raised as one.
Robin Becker

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