Steve Holden sholden at
Fri Feb 16 08:46:00 EST 2001

"Greg Ewing" <greg at> wrote from the wilds of New
Zealand ...
> Ben Ocean wrote:
> >
> > The keyword is *bulk*
> Actually, it's not. When you send someone a piece
> of unsolicited email, if they're going to be annoyed
> by it, then they'll be just as annoyed regardless of
> how many *other* people have got the same piece of mail.
> The key word is *unsolicited*.
Yup. I get mails from people offering me link exchanges when my email
address appears on the site as the developer: I have no rights to accept or
refuse link exchanges for the sites, and get quite enough email as it is,
thank you.

It may be a low-volume project Ben is proposing, but there can be low-volume
spam as well as high-volume spam. And, of course, Ben, you'll be programming
in such refinements as a database to ensure you only ever bother each email
address once, right?

I tend to work on the basis that my web site (page, really) doesn't contain
enough of interest to make a link on it valuable. Ben's might be different,
of course.


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