Gratuitous Change (Was: Re: "in" operator for strings)

bowman bowman at
Sun Feb 4 06:40:03 CET 2001

Jay O'Connor <joconnor at> wrote in message
> This is because C is a very old language and it's had time to mature and
> figure out what works and what doesn't.  Python (and Java) is still
> young and maturing and people are still playing with ideas to make it
> work best.  And that can be painful at times.

agreed. Plus, C is a very simple language (not implying it is simple to
use). Python, out of the box, offers a higher level of abstraction and more
functionality --- and more for people to disagree on. Don't get me wrong, I
use Python just for that reason. The thrill of writing yet another linked
list wore off about 20 years ago. I guess I just get a little sad watching
nice little languages grow up :)

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