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> Thank you all for the suggestions.
> i am trying to unscramble scrambled words (which i am frustratingly bad at)
> so i send all of the permutations to Word's spell checker and see what it
> thinks are words.  I'll post the code this afternoon when i'm done in case
> anyone wants it.

Hmm, sort of sounds similar to what I did the year before last.

The local 'Newspaper' (I give it more credit than it is due :-), the Adelaide
Advertiser, has a 9-letter word puzzle, where 9 letters are given, and the aim
is to make as many words as possible that are 4 letters or more, and contain
the magic 'middle' letter.

For instance:

C   A   R
D   A   B
R   O   O

would give many words, with cardboard as the 9-letter word.

My school had a competition where each homegroup had to try and find as many
words, and the results were tallied over the whole term.

Naturally, I wrote a python program, and took all of the fun out of it.

If anyone is interested, you might find it at:

(It's almost 2Mb, and includes a large, almost[?] comprehensive word list.)
Matthew Schinckel
matt at null dot net

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