newbie - POPLIB, MIMETOOLS and SMTPLIB - aaarrrghh!

Janko Hauser jhauser at
Mon Feb 19 12:37:31 CET 2001

"Andrew" <astuart at NO.mira.SPAMnet> writes:

> Hi there
> sorry for being such a newbie.
> In summary, I am trying to write a script which reads a POP mailbox,
> extracts the "subject" line from each message, and emails a message back to
> the sender, echoing the "subject" line.  Weird problems everywhere!
> I can get POPLIB to read emails, but I can't get MIMETOOLS to read the
> emails - so there's no way for me to get the subject line out.
> I can get SMTPLIB to send emails, but I can;t work out how to include a
> subject line in the email.
> I've looked for days throughout the Internet for solutions to these
> seemingly simple problems but I can't find anything.
> Why would it be so hard for MIMETOOLS to read messages that come from
> POPLIB?  Surely they are designed to work together?
I'm not clear, why you want to use mimetools to read a plain email.

An example for this is included in the file
        a = POP3(TESTSERVER)
        print a.getwelcome()
        (numMsgs, totalSize) = a.stat()
        for i in range(1, numMsgs + 1):
                (header, msg, octets) = a.retr(i)
                print "Message ", `i`, ':'
                for line in msg:
                        print '   ' + line
                print '-----------------------'

If this does not work some more information about your errors would be

> Why so hard to include a subject line using SMTPLIB?
For an example with subject line try this

>>> s=smtplib.SMTP("localhost")
>>> print s.sendmail.__doc__


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