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Fri Feb 16 04:55:00 EST 2001

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| Grant Griffin:
|| However...
|| I regret Python's increasing loss of status as "executable
|| pseudo-code".  This proposal, as well as 2.0's "list comprehensions",
|| seem to be making Python harder for the uninitiated to read.  (To be
|| fair, though, as a "moderately-initiated" Pythoneer, I've recently
|| warmed up to list comprehensions.)
|| [more comments removed]

| I admit to a "Me too!" here.

me three!

actually, the first time i saw the proposal for

for key:value in dict:

i thought it was a joke. ok, it's not obscure, but i
don't see the point either.

list comprehensions also look pretty obscure to me (compared to the
rest of python's syntax), and don't do a lot that you can't do with
map/filter now that we have lexical scoping.

  -- erno

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