iterators (was: python-dev summary)

Don Dwiggins dwig at
Wed Feb 21 12:32:35 EST 2001

> I saw a post recently where someone
> did "(None, None, None, ThingIWant, OtherThingIWant, None) =
> funcreturning6_tuple();". I confess to doing something similar when I
> first started Python. 
> OTOH, if the other variations on the 'for' syntax were to be allowed, I
> think that "for (,,, ThingIWant, OtherthingIWant,,) =
> funcreturning6_tuple();" should also be allowed. (BTW, I'm being
> sarcastic).

Actually, you can already do it Prolog-style:
  (_, _, _, ThingIWant, OtherthingIWant, _) = funcreturning6_tuple()

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