speed comparison of IDL, numPy, Matlab

Paul van Delst pvandelst at ncep.noaa.gov
Mon Feb 5 21:08:54 CET 2001

Benyang Tang wrote:
> Out of curiosity, I did a quick benchmark test of IDL, NumPy and Matlab on my
> desktop machine. I know benchmarking is a complicated issue; don't take my
> naive test too serious.

O.k.  :o)

I've never used Python, and Matlab only once or twice, but what's with the Python syntax?
Seems a tad wordy. Looks like Nick Bower's IDL-like package in Python
(http://nickbower.com/computer/pydl) is worth another look though......


P.S. BTW, in Matlab, how do you simply multiply the corresponding matrix elements? (i.e.
not a matrix multiply).

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