Where is CASE?????

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This can be done using a dictionary and functions pretty easily. At least
that is how I have always done it. For example...

def func_a():

def func_b():

def func_c():

func_dict = {
     'A': func_a,
     'B': func_b,
     'C': func_c

     apply(func_dict[test_value], ())
     print '%c is not a valid choice' % test_value

This works for any type of value in 'test_value' and is pretty fast

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This argument is similiar to Bertrand Meyer's argument for not having a
CASE statement in early versions of Eiffel.  He finally "saw the light"
and added in the CASE statement.  I believe he finally saw the need to
efficiently be able to handle character and string data (real world data
that has not yet been objectized).

Larry Smith wrote:

> ...
> However, in Guido's defense, I will also point out the
> primary use of case statements is to select alternatives
> based on a type flag - which is not needed in an object
> oriented language.
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