1st install on Linux (RH 7.0) I hit a snaggg !!!

bowman bowman at montana.com
Wed Feb 21 09:32:04 EST 2001

John Hasler <john at dhh.gt.org> wrote in message
news:877l2ky6ju.fsf at toncho.dhh.gt.org...
> Why do you think he needs to remove 8.3?  tcl8.0, tcl8.2, and tcl8.3 all
> co-exist peacefully on my Debian system.

because I'm lazy. because the OP seemed to be new to Linux, and maintaining
several version levels can require bit of tweaking. because I've been around
the barn with tcl/tk, Expect, and friends that won't build unless they can
find the right version and its hidden headers, etc. because I am not sure if
the OP could rpm 8.0 onto his system without forcing the install.

I've also been around the barn with earlier RH releases that came with
broken Python and Perl packages, and 7.0 had its share of alpha and beta
builds dressed up as stable packages.

Many people enjoy the sysadmin aspects of Linux, but as the OS gains
popularity, more users just want to get the job done, without a lot of
complications and surprises.

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