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Doug Fort dougfort at
Thu Feb 1 20:28:49 EST 2001

We're developing a website load testing application
(  We give httplib a pretty good workout.  And
generally get excellent results.  Recently, we ran into a pair of unrelated
sites that use some form of graphics server (Netscape-Enterprise/4.1).
There, our simulated users hung up waiting for a read on the socket in the  The code looks like this (with a lot of

self._client = httplib.HTTPConnection("", None)
response = self._client.getresponse()
self._data =

I was able to work around this with the following:

if response.length:
    self._data =
    self._data =

My question is:  should this be moved up into
I'm posting this here, instead of sending a bug or a diff to SourceForge
because I really don't understand the new HTTP 1.1 state machine in httplib,
and I don't want to aggravate the developers with bogus bugs or dumb patches
while they're working on 2.1.
Doug Fort
Senior Meat Manager
Downright Software LLC

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