ADO/ODBC call via Python/IIS

dsavitsk dsavitsk at
Wed Feb 7 23:23:44 EST 2001

> >> And, I'm not clear on what a DSN-less connection is.

this isn't going to be technical ...

a DSN-less connection is placing the entire DSN file (a text file) in a
string and executing it there.  There are 3 benefits.  One is that if your
web site runs on a win32 server, you don't need admin access to set up
database access (making hosting simpler and less expensive). The second is
that since there is a little less communication with the OS (no searching
for or calling DSN files and what not), DSN-Less runs a little faster (I
think this is only true for 'small' uses (and i don't know what that means
exactly either)). The third is that one doesn't need to create a system/user
DSN when installing software.

i am not an expert ... or even good at ADO (i'm in law school and computer
time is limited), but i have a little Python/ADO/MS Access tutorial (using
DSN-Less connection strings) @


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