Python developers of the world unite ;)

Dan Parisien dan at
Thu Feb 8 23:46:58 CET 2001

Maybe the subject line is a little grandiose... :)

I'm wondering why there isn't a good web site service out there for 
reducing the 'reinventing of the wheel' effect that innefficient 
communication seems to have brought to the python community. I'm not saying 
what already exists already isn't working, because it is (obviously!) but I 
feel it could be better...

Doesn't anyone feel a sort of CPAN for Python should exist? What about a 
documentation system not unlike that of PHP (at User contributed 
comments embedded into the documentation would reduce the amount of 
redundant questions posted here and help new users 'get up to speed', don't 
you think?

I just picked up Python a few weeks ago and became an instant evangelist! 
It's a great language with so many possibilities. I believe in it so much, 
my business partner and I placed all our chips (so to say) on it, making it 
the core of our next desktop app.

I've marvelled at the beauty of shelve, pickle, lists, dictionaries, python 
threads, python sockets and all those other modules that make my life 
(coding) so much easier. Unfortunately, it was harder than it should have 
been to get information when I ran into non-documented problems.

There is a lot of information at, but I feel it isn't very well 
organized. I hope no one takes offense to this :( Does anyone agree with 
me? Couldn't it be better? I think should be the central place 
to go for non-commercial, community supported help and modules. The most 
important thing would be to make it easy for volunteers to help when they 
want to. I know a few people who would love to code a great 
backend/frontend system for just to get their name out... 
especially that anyone I know who learns python loves it instantly :-)

What do you guys think?
Dan Parisien

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