python and multi-threaded C programs

Bryan Mongeau bryan at
Tue Feb 20 08:51:19 CET 2001

Arvind Mani wrote:

> Hi,
> I am new to python. I have a multi-threaded application in C. I would
> like to create the threads in python and then use the thread routine
> written in C. Is this possible?
> I am doing this because, I had some problems with global variables that
> are initialized in one thread but used in another. I dont need these
> variables to be directly visible to the python interpreter. They are
> required in functions that I call from python.
> Thanks,
> Arvind


I noticed your post over on the SWIG list. I can't help but wonder just how 
valuable those thread routines in C are to you... You would save yourself a 
great headache (not to mention maintainability nightmares) if you ported 
your socket routines to python. It's not hard you know. Plus you can wield 
python's super-powers :)

Out of curiosity, are you making a distributed, decentralized file-sharing 
network? :)
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