import statement is case sensitive

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Thu Feb 22 18:00:16 CET 2001

"Mikael Olofsson" <mikael at> wrote in message
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On 22-Feb-01 Costas Menico wrote:
 >  Actually I would consider this a shortcoming of Unix. Shipping a
 >  product that depends on the directory names and files being in the
 >  right case must cause all sorts of headaches.

Perhaps so, but...

I'm still upset over the fact that my Windows box at home doesn't allow
me to call a directory "FTP", but changes that to "Ftp" as soon as I
hit return. Perhaps there is some setting that I can change, but as a
default setting it sucks, IMO.

I suspect your Windows box DOES allow what you say it doesn't --
what may currently disallow creation (or display of) all-uppercase
names is more likely to be the shell GUI front-end (and, yes, it
IS just a checkbox you can turn off somewhere).

To check this, use any method whatsoever _except_ the shell GUI
front-ends to create and display your all-uppercase names (e.g.,
a "Command Prompt" aka "DOS Box" should do).  If, as I believe,
this will work just fine, then maybe you'll see it's not "the
Windows box" that you're railing against here, just a specific
cosmetic choice of its shell GUI front-end.


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