Working with DNS via Python

Voitenko, Denis dvoitenko at
Wed Feb 14 18:13:46 CET 2001

>> work with DNS functions (nslookup, etc) via Python?
>The first and most strightforward idea - just use os.popen and run
nslookup! :)

If I wanted to do that I'd use Bash.

>Also there is dnslib - it is not in standard library, it is in Demo/dns
subdirectory in source distribution.

Is it documented anywhere?

>Also there is adns (asynchronous dns lib in C); Andy Dustman wrote
python wrapper for it.

Where do I get it?

>(Russian? Why not to ask question on Russian Python list?)

If I do, only Russians will be able to use my findings. Kinda makes it
unfair, eh?
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