Quelles sociétés développent en PYTHON en FRANCE

Jason Cunliffe jasonic at nomadicsltd.com
Sat Feb 3 05:30:28 CET 2001

Johan Jonkers <J.Jonkers at acriter.com> wrote in message
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> Making postings in a non-English language will probably result in not
> many people answering. Bad English is usually more understood then
> French.

Nonsense.. imho this is a narrow point of view.

If you are French and want to find French speaking Python programmers it
makes perfect sense to post here in you own language. If YOU cannot rad it,
then true, you will pass over it. 'more understood' ---by whom?

Only those who can read/write French will likely be suitable. The same
applies for any language.
Thre are so many progammers around the world, for whom English is not therir
mother tongue. I am forever impressed a the additioanl obstacles which must
be over come.. first to learn english then to learn computer programming.

There are many smart people in the world can READ english, especially
computer or science-oriented text, but perhaps cannot write or speak it
well. There are others who cannot conduct a normal converstation, but can
write better englsh than many native speakers.

For Asians, there is an even greater set of hurdle to surmount, because
writing systems and langauge roots have almost phonetic, structural,
sytntactic or etymological connections whatever. For Asians going to UK or
USA, it is very expensive, so mostly on the rich and priviledged can afford
a extended trip whihc allows them to develop fluent language skills. Ther is
a very high awareness and so local english langauge schools are big business
[I don't know about Asians visiting Australia but imagine that is more and
more attractive option]

For example there might be many people right now in Korea or China or Japan
reading this newgsgroup who do not find it easy to contribute, even though
they may be proficient Python programmers.

European languagse are really are very close together. Dutch, Germans and
Scandanavians are famously brilliant for fluent and very correct English.
This is partly linguistic, since Olde English has inherited much from them,
but also cultural.

France on the other hand, is notoriously proud/fearful of losing the
distinction of language. Thus movies and TV are almsot all dubbed. People
lose out because they do not have exposure to even hear english much.
Result: catch-22 [attrappement-22] many young people find it much harder to
learn, unless they are fortunate enough to travel and stay in English
speaking countries, or where there is abundant english use.

- Jason

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