Quelles sociétés développent en PYTHON en FRANCE

Martin Skott martin.skott at propylon.com
Thu Feb 1 17:10:51 CET 2001

"Fredrik Lundh" <fredrik at effbot.org> writes:

> Johan Jonkers wrote:
> > Making postings in a non-English language will probably result in not
> > many people answering. Bad English is usually more understood then
> > French.
> Det beror väl iofs på målgruppen.  Jag är nästan helt säker
> på att franska Python-användare faktiskt kan läsa Jean-Louis
> meddelande ;-)

Well I feel both of you are right, but it would be a pain to read
groups where you could only understand some of the messages because
some elite group are discussing in some language you don't know.
The question from the original poster (as far as my two years of
French can help me) was basicly:
We always hear about Python being used in the US (mentions Google and
a  few other), but what about France? There was a lot more, but this
is the core of the question.
I would like to extend this to Europe (or Asia or Anarctica or any
other part of the world outside US). Where are people using Python?
I can stat by telling that I am Danish, but working with Python in
Ireland (in a job I found through this group). 

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