Some basic questions about Tkinter (and Python)

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Fri Feb 9 10:29:25 CET 2001

> From:	Martyn Quick [SMTP:mrq at]
> I have a friend who is a computer programmer (and definitely earns more
> than I do ;-)  who recommended that I give python a try.  He is going to
> lend me his copy of a book on python on Saturday - Hammond & Robinson,
> "Python Programming on Win32".  I don't know whether this has sufficient
> info on Tkinter to help, but it's about the only non-online source that I
> can get hold of.
This book doesn't cover Tkinter in any detail, I'm afraid. (5 or 6 pages,
IIRC.) *Very* good book, but it doesn't *intend* to cover everything - it
concentrates on Win 32 stuff.

FWIW, I find Grayson's book *very* tough going. I have *no* experience of
GUI building at all, and there isn't much in the way of gentle introduction.
It's probably a good book for learning Tkinter if you already know Python
pretty well and know how to build a GUI. What *I* need is a gentle
introduction to the art of building an event driver GUI using Tkinter, and I
haven't found one yet.

BTW, I picked up Andre Lessa's 'Python Developers Handbook' at the weekend
(Sams, £33) - it has a very brief intro to Python, but then moves on to
cover a wide range of advanced topics. Looks good so far. This has a section
on GUI building with Tkinter, which I haven't reached yet. I'll report back
when I've finished, and had a play.

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