Linda, this is cool!

Hartmann Schaffer hs at paradise.nirvananet
Sun Feb 18 20:11:17 EST 2001

In article <r5iu8tsqccj65ote3hfgo6dvjphskn15l3 at>, Sheila King wrote:
>On Sun, 18 Feb 2001 03:27:19 GMT, Mindfield
><mindfield at> wrote in comp.lang.python in article
><21gu8tsoknv01eegt4jak2lo7180kijno5 at>:
>:It's really quite a loathesome little business,
>:and I've never figured out why people are still stupid enough to think
>:that it works, but I guess they still abide by the old motto, "There's
>:no such thing as bad publicity."
>It costs them next to nothing, and they must end up selling some of their
>product or generating some revenue from the spam. If they didn't, the spamming
>would decrease, but instead it is on the increase. Some people are stupid
>enough to buy from spammers.

frankly, i doubt this.  most of those spams are so inept that i would be
surprised if it generates any sales.  the only thing that seems to generate
sales are those spam generators (to clueless idiots)


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