XML for UI (Was: Python should have a IDE like this...)

Dethe Elza delza at antarcti.ca
Thu Feb 15 12:14:16 EST 2001

As I understand it, Glade can output your GUI as XML, which you can tweak by
hand if desired, and read in at run-time.  It's one of the new crop of
XML-based GUI tools, but the documentation (last time I checked) was
virtually non-existent.

WxWindows is also working on an XML format for UI (also under-documented),
UIML is an attempt to create XML for UI across systems, languages, and
toolkits (it suffers from being *too* general, IMHO), XForms is the W3C
attempt to bring standard UI tools to XML/XHTML, XUL is Mozilla's XML
toolkit (one of the most featureful which is actually *implemented*), and
BML (Bean Markup Language) from IBM's alphaWorks is an XML language for
wiring together JavaBeans, which could mean building a UI in Swing with XML.

Wouldn't it be nice to have an XML dialect which you could read in in Glade,
or wxWindows, or Java, or
Tkinter, or Mozilla?  Check back soon...


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> D-Man (dsh8290 at rit.edu) wrote:
> > Glade+libglade is a really cool way to build a GUI.
> Doesn't Glade only produce C code? I suppose you could make calls
> to Python from C, but it'd be cool if a GUI builder produced Python
> directly. Unless I've misunderstood Glade, and it already does this?
> That would be very cool.
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