Is comp.lang.python.announce dead?

Barry A. Warsaw barry at
Fri Feb 9 16:26:04 CET 2001

>>>>> "gradha" ==   <gradha at> writes:

    gradha> Just today I fetched the news and got around 10 "announce"
    gradha> messages, in this newsgroup instead of
    gradha> comp.lang.python.announce. Does this mean that the latter
    gradha> is officially dead? is absolutely live again, and as mentioned in a different
follow, there is a team of moderators who are helping to approve
messages for the newsgroup.

There was a separate and temporary outage of the moderation gateway as
we changed mail daemons on (for reasons I won't go
into).  That problem should be fixed now.

Please post your announcements to!  Also, register your
programs with Parnassus and those announcements can be automatically
forwarded to the newsgroup.


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