import statement is case sensitive

Tim Peters at
Thu Feb 22 23:18:55 CET 2001

[Mikael Olofsson]
> I'm still upset over the fact that my Windows box at home doesn't allow
> me to call a directory "FTP", but changes that to "Ftp" as soon as I
> hit return. Perhaps there is some setting that I can change, but as a
> default setting it sucks, IMO.

Start -> Settings -> Folder Options ... -> View

then check "Allow all uppercase names".  You'll probably be sorry you did
this, though (it makes stuff considerably harder to read, IMO).  Note that
this has no effect on the filename actually stored, it only affects how
ALLCAPS names get *displayed*, and even so just how Explorer displays them.

As long as you're there, check "Display the full path in title bar", uncheck
"Hide file extensions for known file types" and select "Show all files"
under "Hidden files" (some of these are named a little differently under
different flavors of Windows).  The default settings are optimized for end
users, not developers.  And like it or not, they probably picked the best
default values for end users in all respects.

pure-end-users-don't-care-about-the-same-things-you-do-ly y'rs  - tim

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