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  "Fredrik Lundh" <fredrik at effbot.org> wrote:
> Andrew Kuchling wrote:
> > I don't believe urllib or httplib were massively rewritten for 2.0
> > (nor will they be in 2.1), so if it's a bug, it's probably still there.
> on my box, it sometimes work under 1.5.2, and never
> works under an unmodified 2.0 installation.
> however, the following hack works for both versions
> (note the explicit socket shutdown).

is it possible to do a similar fix to urllib? (For convenience reasons I
always use urllib in my applications...)

btw. I'm not very familiar with how the Python community works, but I'm
thinking at this point, shouldn't whoever that has been involved in the
programming of httplib and urllib be informed about the problems?


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