COM objects in threads

Markus von Ehr vonehr at
Wed Feb 7 05:52:47 EST 2001

Thanx for all answers,

finally I could solve the problem using the 
without the book (just kiddin Mark ;-) ), after having two beers
and taking a sharp look at the program. The last 
problem was a repeated COM call in the Thread. It is only possible,
if CoUninitialize is omitted.

	if first_ThreadCall == 1:
	    interp =
	    interp = win32com.client.Dispatch(interp)
	    doc = interp.Document
	    mplayer = doc.body.children("MediaPlayer1").object
	    first_ThreadCall = 0
	mplayer.FileName = "C:/Programme/Python/lightcontrol/null.wav"
    except pythoncom.com_error, details:
        print "Pythoncomerror, ", details

The first time I thought the COM interface is the biggest shit in
the world but know I think it is quite a simple interface, when it
works. I'm just implementing my next COM interface using win32com.
But it's quite slow.


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