apederse at my-deja.com apederse at my-deja.com
Thu Feb 8 08:17:30 CET 2001

I have some problems with urllib. Any URL works
just fine except http://www.redherring.com/ which
returns nothing, no headers, no nothing. (Red
Herring works fine from any browser). I
have tried to rule out any possible causes, such
as cache and problems regarding headerfields by
emulating a real browser request from netscape and
konqueror (using fancyURLopener) and I have
monitored network traffic using tcpdump.  Using
tcpdump it looks like there is a request sendt to
vip.redherring.com and a response coming back.
Could anyone look into this problem and see if
this is related my particular computer and network
configurations or if it is a problem lying within
urllib or python.

best regards,

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