Spamcop, anyone? ;-)

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> Tim Peters wrote:
> >
> > Speaking of which, who do I complain to?  I responded to an ad in my
> > guaranteeing I could lose 10 inches in one day!  Turns out they weren't
> > lying -- but a 3-inch dick isn't as much fun as my old one ...
> hahaha :-)
> Seriously though, take a look at if you get a chance.
> quite satisfying to use, if nothing else :-)
> Mindyou, I wonder if its nto a sinister plot in the long run: you report
> the have your address... I hope not :-S


Warning: Some users have reported that the email addresses used here find
their way onto spam lists, so you should consider creating a separate
"throwaway" account for reporting spam. There are many free email providers
you can use.

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