3D animation

Christopher Lee clee at gnwy100.wuh.wustl.edu
Sun Feb 18 16:52:10 CET 2001

>>>>> "shaka" == shaka  <fabrice.n at home.com> writes:

    shaka> Ya, I am planning to write a program to present a project at
    shaka> school.  I need a language that will allow me to do 3D
    shaka> animations and other animation.

I would recommend:

PyOpenGL:  for OpenGL scripting
           requires that you know or are willing to learn OpenGL.

VPython:   for easy visualization of physical systems.  Very cool.  Looks good
           for beginners.
           (link seems to not be working at the moment. check google)

You might also want to look at pygame (http://pygame.seul.org) for
producing multimedia animations.  For really heavy duty visualization,
there's also the visualization toolkit (VTK at
http://www.kitware.com/vtk.html) and IBM's Open Data Explorer (OpenDx at
http://www.opendx.org), both of which have python bindings.


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