function attributes are like function objects

Geoffrey Gerrietts geoff at
Fri Feb 2 18:31:22 EST 2001

Barry writes:
> >>>>> "GG" == Geoffrey Gerrietts <geoff at> writes:
>     GG> Or are function attributes pretty much accessible only to
>     GG> those who know the function by name?
> Well, if you have the function passed to you, then you don't need to
> know what it's called.  You just access the attribute.

Yeah, well, right, so you don't know it by its birth name, but you
still know it by the name you gave it, just like you call me GG.

Not to pick nits, just that the question is about introspection, 
not about whether regular namespace semantics work, or whether 
our functions are really first-class objects.


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