Memory leak when spawning

jurgen.defurne at jurgen.defurne at
Thu Feb 15 08:19:16 EST 2001

I thought that I could use None, like 'undef' in Perl.

Any suggestions on that ?

I'll implement the change and try again.



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jurgen.defurne at wrote:

> I don't know if this piece of source is small enough, but it is probably
> the smallest I can create with the same symptoms

Hrm.  Not really I am afraid.  I dont see any leaks running this code.  You should be able to trim it down to something with a tight loop (ie, very quick or no sleeping) and see the memory usage rise pretty quickly.

Also, note that your code:
    (None, None, None,
     None, None, sec,
     None, None, None) = localtime(time())

Is very very dangerous - it is changing the builtin value None!!



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