python interpreter in smalltalk

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Thu Feb 15 21:32:23 EST 2001

In article <3A8C189F.B3040253 at>, Les Tyrrell 
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> You might consider an approach similar to that used in
> Frost ( ) where
> bytecodes for Java are translated to Smalltalk bytecodes.
> Frost also parses Java source code, but when it does it
> goes straight to VisualWorks bytecodes.
> One of the things I'd like to consider for Frost would be
> accomodating languages other than Java, especially languages
> like Python or Ruby.  Not because I want to do Java, Python,
> or Ruby development, but because I do NOT want to do Java,
> Python, or Ruby development, but also do not want to have to
> manually re-implement any useful code written in those languages
> in Smalltalk.
> It's also the sort of thing that hopefully puts positive pressures
> on the VM designers, perhaps along the lines mentioned in the
> "Universal VM" thread.
> - les

Thanks for the URL... and it's open source!


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