Sorry!! (ActiveState Active Awards voting is not! broken)

Christian Tismer tismer at
Mon Feb 26 06:26:27 EST 2001

Sorry, this was an oversight:

Christian Tismer wrote:
> Hi ActiveState,
> your voting for a programmer's choice for Perl and Python
> is a great idea.
> Unfortunately you missed to do some testing. In its current
> form, it is unusable, since both the Perl and the Python radios
> are in the same group. There is no way to vote at all at the moment.
> See
> After the fix, I encourage all Python users not to give up
> and to come back to
> cheers - chris
> p.s.: I would also suggest not to force everybody to vote
> for both languages. Many of us (including me) have no
> idea about the core people of the other group and can't do
> a fair voting.

My misunderstanding was that I thought I had to choose
for both languages at the same time.

Apologies for my dumbness - chris

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