First shot at python.

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Mon Feb 26 22:33:44 CET 2001

On Mon, 26 Feb 2001 21:22:32 GMT, "SonoBull" <me at> wrote in
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:First seconds account:
:Downloaded wrong installing file. Finaly got it, installed it, and
:immediatly decided to download the tutoria.

I can feel your frustration.

Wasn't the tutorial included in the installation files you downloaded? When I
installed Python, all the docs came in the installation package.

:Got fed up swithing between tutorial and Python and printed the whole damm

Why do you have to "switch"? Looking at your message headers, I would guess
you are on a Windows machine. Can't you have two windows open at the same

:Ended up with chapter 7.

:Maybe in a couple of years of practice i wil be a good programmer,
:Well, wish me luck. Tomorrow at it again.

Yes, good luck! Keep at it!

Sheila King

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