CPAN functionality for python

Martijn Faassen m.faassen at
Tue Feb 13 16:21:30 CET 2001

Doug Hellmann <doughellmann at> wrote:
> In article <mailman.982066514.11480.python-list at>, "Oleg
> Broytmann" <phd at> wrote:

>> On Tue, 13 Feb 2001, Doug Hellmann wrote:
>>> Why use standard CGI? This is a perfect application for Zope, the ZODB,
>>    The big advatnage of CPAn is that it's distributed and has many
>>    mirrors.
>> Zope-based solution will be hard to mirror.

> I don't follow that at all.  To support mirrors, the data needs to be
> replicated from one server to another. That problem exists 
> independant of any tool.

Plus in the case of Zope, you may be able to leverage ZEO, though if
you're going to upload very large modules that may not be the best
idea; don't know how ZEO behaves with large objects across a possibly
flakey network.


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