When embedding with no natural console...?

dsavitsk dsavitsk at e-coli.net
Tue Feb 20 18:56:11 EST 2001

I needed a similar thing (and was tired of my app covering the win32
console), so i put a (tkinter) text widget and a scroll widget at the bottom
of my interface. One advantage i found was the ability to control the color
of the output (a novelty on windows it would seem) so errors are red, data
is blue, instructions are white, etc.  There is a picture of it in "action"
at the bottom of this page www.e-coli.net/software/ecpse/inst.html


"Owen F. Ransen" <ransen_spam_me_not at nemo.it> wrote in message
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> When embedding with no natural console (I mean that
> the application does not have a console output, it
> is pure GUI) what suggestions are there for printing?
> I can think of some, but someone with more experience
> may be able to tell me which is best or easiest or
> most dangerous...
> *) Create some sort of console in the GUI app.
>    Maybe with AllocConsole WriteConsole and
>    FreeConsole...
> *) Ridirect output to a log file...
> *) Do not print anything...
> *) Other...
> Since my final app will be aimed at beginning programmers
> I think some sort of console output would be nice.
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