python-dev summary, Jan. 16-31

Tony J Ibbs (Tibs) tony at
Fri Feb 9 05:56:14 EST 2001

I too am very sad that you're deciding to stop writing the python-dev
summaries (sometimes a resounding silence is appreciation, not
disdain!). The summaries have been on my "looking forwards to that" list
for a good while now. Many thanks for what you've done (any chance of
reconsidering now you know how much we *really* love you?).

As with others, I don't have time to follow python-dev itself (via of course - as indicated at
the back of the summaries), but I *do* want to know what is going on
"behind the scenes". The summaries provide(d) a decent intermediate.

If AMK cannot continue with this, is there any scope for the python-dev
crowd getting one of the "core" group to write a summary as (erm) part
of their "paid" work? (ducks brickbats - I don't want to know what hours
you're *actually* working!)

Tibs ("spare time" - I'm sure I've *heard* of it - what did it mean,

Tony J Ibbs (Tibs)
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