Chokes on GETPPID

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Fri Feb 2 04:59:45 EST 2001

Ben Ocean wrote:
> I'm trying to install Zope and it chokes in this block:
>  >>>
> if not READ_ONLY:
>      pf = open(PID_FILE, 'w')
>      pid=str(os.getpid())
>      try: pid=str(os.getppid())+' '+pid
>      except: pass
>      pf.write(pid)
>      pf.close()
> <<<
> It specifically identified the *try* statement as the choke-point.
> How do I trouble-shoot this?

I assume "choke" means that it stopped and printed a
traceback message?  how about posting that traceback?


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