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:> These commands will turn a string into a list:
:> myword="dog"
:> mywordlist=list(myword)
:> result = ["d","o","g"]
:> is there a command/function that can take the list ["d","o","g"] and make
:it a string "dog"?
:>>> lst =["d", "o", "g"]
:>>> lst
:['d', 'o', 'g']
:>>> dog = lst[0]+lst[1]+lst[2]
:>>> dog
:or is there something I'm not getting?

Your method would be awfully tedious for very long strings. You want something
that will be easy to implement, regardless of the length of the string.
Fortunately, several others in this thread have already suggested using the
join command from the string methods.

Sheila King

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