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Steve Holden wrote:

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> > Jeremy Hylton wrote:
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> > > > Should the full text of PEPs be posted at some point?
> > >
> > > I think the text would be too long to post directly.  A URL should be
> > > sufficient.
> >
> > Many newsgroups post their entire FAQs periodically.  PEPs are a few
> > hundred lines at most -- not a huge burden.  Besides, compared to the
> > weekly traffic on c.l.p. a PEP is just a drop in the bucket.
> >
> > To be kind to those with slow connections who may want to skip PEP
> > texts, they could have a distinctive subject line format, e.g.
> >         [PEP 666 Text] Curly-Braces for Delimiting Blocks
> >
> Unless they are using a POP mail agent which insists on
> downloadingmessages before displaying the headers...

You're getting through a POP mail agent?  Yikes!  Still, I doubt 
adding a PEP every few weeks would significantly impact the total volume of 
the newsgroup.  And total volume is what we're talking about if you can't 
see the headers before you download messages -- it's all or nothing, right?

> > IMO, posting the text of PEPs to the newsgroup is a no-brainer.  It
> > keeps the users informed of the language's direction at essentially zero
> > cost.
> >
> Maybe

I guess that would provide _some_ reason to read  :^)

Since we're likely to want to discuss PEPs, it seems like would be 
more appropriate.

Maybe a compromise would be that an abstract should be posted to 
with a link to the full text of the PEP.  There should be enough detail 
that readers will understand the idea of the change without going into the 
gory detail required of a full PEP.


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