use a news server? (was Re: python-dev summary, Jan. 16-31)

Thomas Wouters thomas at
Sat Feb 17 06:05:58 EST 2001

On Sat, Feb 17, 2001 at 02:07:00AM -0500, Tim Peters wrote:

> > Here's a thought.  Why not set up an NNTP server for
> > python development?

> Believe it or not, that's already being talked about, by people who know far
> more than me about this kind of stuff.  It's attractive!  The problems are
> "the usual":  finding a well-connected machine with spare cycles and bytes
> that won't be taken away, not stepping on anyone's political toes, and
> conjuring up a wizard with the spare bandwidth to bring it into existence
> and to care for it when it's sick forever after.  Note that over the last 3
> months, even the Python mailing lists have been sick more often than not --
> and we're still not sure that they're fully recovered, because nobody has
> had the time to figure out *why* the last batch of gross problems just
> seemed to go away by magic.  You really trust us to manage an NNTP-based
> approach <0.9 wink>?

Pfiffle. Regardles of whether the idea is workable or not, these *technical*
issues are non-issues. I (and the company I work for, XS4ALL) have offered
sponsorship in the form of machines and maintenance multiple times. (In
fact, I keep offering it whenever I mail Barry, when the lists seem sickish
again :-) The original offer was for webservers/mailservers, but there is no
reason to make it (or include into it) NNTP servers. And we have ample
bandwidth and experience in running NNTP servers.

I don't trust *you* to manage a UNIX system, Tim, and I doubt I trust Guido
to touch one of my systems<wink>, but I certainly trust me and my colleagues

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