ANN: Pure-Python Encryption Tools

Steven D. Arnold stevena at
Mon Feb 12 13:53:02 EST 2001

Neosynapse Consulting Group announces the release of pure-Python encryption 
tools.  These modules may be used as building blocks for programs that need 
cryptographic services.  The modules are released as open-source software 
under the Neosynapse Artistic License.

So far, we have an implementation of IDEA and a module for handling modular 
arithmetic.  Coming soon, look for modules to handle problems relating to 
prime numbers, a Blowfish module and an RSA public-key cryptography module.

Interested people are welcomed to participate in the development of these 
open-source modules.  The software may be downloaded at:

Steven D. Arnold                   President, Neosynapse Consulting Group
stevena at                

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