CPAN functionality for python

ssthapa at ssthapa at
Sun Feb 11 15:06:37 CET 2001

  I've created a sort of proof of concept that implements something 
similar to perl's CPAN.  Right now, it allows basic user interaction 
and should be able to download and install modules.  
  At this point, I want to know whether I should continue on this. Also
and possibly more importantly, I would like to know if there is any place
to discuss formats for holding information about packages and other similar
information.  I have some ideas floating around but would like to get other
opinons and it seems like the Catalog-SIG is inactive.  If there is enough
positive feedback, I'll open up a project on Sourceforge and put my
code up there.  Any comments, suggestions, or help on where to go from here 
would also be appreciated.

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