pywin and wxPython

Ben Shapiro bshapiro at
Fri Feb 16 12:09:08 EST 2001

oops i forgot to mention that this activeX control has no GUI
so i really just need to load it without displaying anything

"Ben Shapiro" <bshapiro at> wrote in message
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> Hey all...
> Here's the predicament..
> I have an OCX control that is responsible for playback of mp3 files that i
> am trying to
> use from python.  This control is wrapped using makepy.  Mark H pointed me
> in the right
> direction to use pywin to host the OCX..  only problem is that my app uses
> wxPython as the
> GUI framework.  From what i can tell you need to attach the activex
> to an MFC window for
> it to load....  Any example of how to do this would be appreciated
> My existing code is below:
>         p = win32ui.CreateWnd()
>         win32ui.EnableControlContainer()
>         mp3player =
> gencache.EnsureModule('{2DF09BC5-B050-11D2-81C1-00C0DFEAA961}', 0, 1, 0)
>         self.olectl = activex.MakeControlInstance(mp3player.AMPL3DLite)
>         self.olectl.CreateControl("", win32con.WS_TABSTOP ,
> p , 131)  <---- fails here  / nothing seems to happen if i comment out
> line
>         self.olectl.Open("c:\\code\\3LP\\pyfileunder\\music\\test.mp3")
>         self.olectl.Play()

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