serial port

David Fuess fuess at
Wed Feb 21 05:59:52 CET 2001

You might want to check out Roger Burnham's SioModule available at It is a complete Serial class
for Python. According to Hammond's "Python Programming on Win32" p373,
it is the "preferred route for serial I/O with Python"


On Tue, 20 Feb 2001 03:16:59 GMT, grante at (Grant Edwards)

>In article <3a78ca89_2 at>, mike wrote:
>>is there any modules for serial port communication?
>Yes.  There is (or was) a Win32 module called Sio, but I can't seem to find
>it at  There used to be a well-hidden link somewhere on that
>I wrote a Posix serial I/O class that is still waiting to be documented

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