portable INI-file read/write extension for Python - any interest?

Ruediger Maehl ruediger.maehl at dzsh.de
Thu Feb 8 07:45:33 EST 2001

Warren Postma schrieb in Nachricht ...
> [snip]

>Here's a little code sample that I believe illustrates a "friendlier"
>approach to INI files, more Python-esque that win32api:
>import ini
>for sec in ini.sections(filename):
>    print '['+sec+']'
>    for key,value in ini.getsection(filename,sec):
>        print key,'=',value

Looks like you do not read the ini-file into memory?

> [snip]
>Will send a pre-release-zip of this to you on request. Will release and
>announce once I compile Linux binaries. There's no use calling it portable
>when I haven't written a gcc makefile yet! :-)

I am interested!

ruediger.maehl at web.de

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