The price of fame...

Dr. David Mertz mertz at
Thu Feb 22 07:08:41 CET 2001

As shockingly many readers of this group will probably know (so server
logs indirectly say), I have written some articles on Python, mostly in
the series _Charming Python_, which lives, finally, at  But before and after they live there,
they live roundabout

Here's the story, some unexpected favorable mentions, mostly at
PythonWare's daily-url has caused my web-host providers to act
erratically and capriciously (let me put in a passing bad word against, whom I will not have any more as soon as my DNS changes go

But there's more...  I apologize for the Proustian quality...  I
contributed to the caprice, in a small way, by using a plain,
old-fashion CGI program (no fastCGI, mod_python, or the like) to
prettify documents that are named '*.txt' into splashy HTML thingies.
Is this a good time to mention how much I miss gopherspace?

So everyone who went to look at my links ran a moderately complicated
Python script, which made for some server load.  Excessive dynamism has
come to haunt me, after my self-steeping in the ways Pythonic.
Admittedly, the script was merely cute, but quite needless (I should
just convert once, and leave it... or at most on a cron).

Well, at the end of this narration is just a request.  Anyone who might
try to find any article that lives at the end of
"" would be better served, for
the nonce at least, to leave off that first part, and just look at the
URLish stuff that comes later in the enormous CGI URL.  Not quite as
pretty... but at least you won't get a 404.

All the best, David...

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