First shot at python.

Steve Holden sholden at
Wed Feb 28 16:23:27 CET 2001

"Simon Brunning" <sbrunning at> wrote in message
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> SonoBull wrote in message ...
> >Ive been told that python is a good "leaning" language and is a
> good
> >"expert" language.
> It's *certainly* a good learning language. As to whether it's a good
> language for experts, well, you had better ask an expert. <wink>
> Well, actually I know enough to recognise an expert when I see one,
> and there are plenty using Python on this newsgroup, so I'd say that
> it *is* a good expert language.
"ex" as in "has-been", "spurt" as in "drip under pressure".
Expert = "has-been drip under pressure".


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