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Chris Gonnerman chris.gonnerman at usa.net
Sat Feb 17 01:03:38 EST 2001

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From: "Olivier Deckmyn" <olivier.deckmyn at mail.dotcom.fr>
Subject: PIL Fonts
> Is there a way to use TrueType or PostScript font with ImageDraw in PIL ?
> I know it exists a conversion tool to make PIL fonts from X fonts...But I
> don't have any "nice" X font :(

I got so irritated with PIL over font support that I took over the gdmodule
project from Richard Jones.  If you do a lot of graphics with text on them,
in PNG or JPEG format, then get the GD library (and FreeType, and libjpeg
and libpng... hope you already have some installed) and finally build my
updated gdmodule.  You get graphics with TrueType font support!

BTW the core GD library doesn't do a real great job on JPEG files IMHO; I
must admit, I create things like button frames in the GIMP or on Windoze
using Paint Shop Pro, save them as PNG,  then fill in the text with Python
and the gdmodule, and finally use GIMP or ImageMagick to convert to GIF or
JPEG.  Ugly, but after the button frames are created I can fully script the

My gdmodule page is:


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