Palm extensions for PIL available

Bill Janssen bill at
Thu Feb 1 05:24:48 CET 2001


I've completed some work on extending PIL 1.1.1 to support raw Palm
image quantization and output.  You can find a gzipped tar file
containing a patch and a new ImagePlugin at

The README in that file explains how to apply the support to a vanilla
PIL 1.1.1 source distribution.

The most interesting thing to you, I think, is the extension of the
quantize method, via a new keyword, to support quantizing the colors
of an image to a specified palette.  That palette is specified by
passing an image containing the desired palette.  There were a number
of ways to add this functionality; this seemed to be the approach that
involved the minimal change to PIL.

If you'd like to discuss any philosophical or technical issues about
how I've done this, I'd be happy to do so.

I'd appreciate it if this got into the next release of PIL; of course
your release schedule is your own.



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