Please translate this easy snip of C++ to Python

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> Rainer Deyke wrote:
> > Better make that 'except None'.  Unqualified 'except' clauses are
> > a bad idea.  In this case, you really don't want to
> I hadn't seen that exception raised it new?  What do you
> usually do to handle it?

ComputerExplodingError is one of the "hidden" exceptions of the Underground
of Pythonic Secrecy (UPS), created in response to the much cooler names of
rival groups Secret Pythonic Underground (SPU) amd Pythonic Secret
Underground (SPU).  It is raised automatically when a computer "goes
postal".  The proper response is to panic and scream a lot.  This is done
automatically by the interpreter when stack unwinding is complete.
Obviously this requires that any 'except' clause that intercepts the
exception re-throws it.

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